The Frustrated Soul

June 30th, 2014

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Let us suppose for a moment that an unimaginable intelligence created this universe, with the sole purpose of advancing knowledge. Viewing a concept on this scale is really beyond what we are capable of imagining, because I am proposing the whole universe itself is only a part of the overall hypothesis.

Life itself is not visible it requires a biological structure as a vehicle to survive in the universe, everyone of us is that survival capsule, protected by our skull the biological brain is the organic computer that stores every aspect of every second of our lifespan. Life is able to assimilate that data and retain it for its final return to the whole, and so the process continues, our life as individuals is but, for a short while, life will enter a new born and starts all over again. Wherever a basic protophyte has been able to evolve through thousands of years of evolution into an intelligent biological structure in the so called planet habitable zone around billions of suitable stars in the known universe, then the life contained in it has this one purpose. Our mortal bodies are an evolutionary marvel, made from material of the stars, but they are as vulnerable as everything else in existence, our brain is part of this structure even down to the electrical impulses that control our heart and bodily functions. All this works together to make us what we are, but a strange fact is that this biological structure we tend to take for granted also produces an experience that we are alive, a sensation that presents our senses with millions of measurements a second to make up an incredible three dimensional image of creation in all its glory, complete with every sense imaginable that makes up this wonderful sensation of being alive.

Within all organic matter lies the non existent soul, the life force, a contradictory statement you may say, but with no physical properties we have no way of discovering it, which puts it in the same position as the creator or God, in fact this life force the soul is a minute part of God, it is part of the whole concept of the creator. From your birth it is the driving force that makes you want to live, it feeds us with a need to learn, love and gives us compassion for all other living things, because the soul knows within all those living things is a part of itself. This is what I mean when I say God is within you and you are within God. The soul wants to be part of the whole again, and that is were a flaw exists in our being alive.

Perhaps it is possible that the soul does influence our mind in some way, but I believe a large percentage may lie in our inability to realize our mind influences everything we do, examples are excessive alcohol, smoking, abnormal sexual gratification, aggression, there are many more examples I am sure you will think of, but the point I am trying to make is we unknowingly and subconsciously let our mind control our bodies, when in fact our bodies should be controlling our mind, possibly this is because we are at an early part of our evolution. The realization of this important fact can have an overall influence to the very nature of everyone of us. If only this fact was realized and taken seriously by every individual on this planet it would change our global civilization instantly and lead us forward into the future to become, not superior, for that is the weakness in how we act and think now, that would be a step backwards, I am proposing we take a giant step forward that would for fill all our hopes for a real future by becoming a tolerable, intelligent and peaceful, global civilization. The universe and all it has to offer us would be for everyone.

As I pointed out at the start of this short extract, viewing a concept on this scale is really beyond what we are capable of imagining, we dream about it and we pray for it, but at our present time of our evolution that is all we can do. But by learning to control our own minds we would be taking that first step towards certainty. And yet, as we live our life span we are nevertheless individuals throughout that life. Lilliputian as our  efforts seem, you should realize that everyone of us throughout that lifespan will in the end supply a unique and important value to the overall purpose of everything.

“Science without Religion is lame, Religion without Science is blind.”  Albert Einstein.

The Circle of Conviction

May 31st, 2011

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The following shortened version is only a very basic outline of a much larger ongoing project that is continually being developed by me. My main picture site has now been updated, I hope to continue to publish this blog and incorporate brief extracts from my project about life and the universe.   added ref: rwhfbd21062014

The Circle of Conviction

Being a believer in a creator should not mean you are ignorant to the advancement of the scientific facts that are continually being presented to us in the form of new discoveries, this is perhaps a logical way of eventually seeking the answers to what creation is, each new discovery is a way of explaining the workings of the creation and as each problem is overcome science also gives us a new way of seeing the wonders of this creation.

The thing we should all realize about the creation and the role of science, is that for every new discovery we overcome, reality will present you with many more new questions, there is no short cut breakthrough, our attempts at understanding the complexities of this creation will last us for a million of our years, however, the big question is, will we survive our infancy because a million years is but a blink of the eye in cosmic time. Now is the time to be thinking seriously about this important step, for it is only when we realize this can we all move on as one to become a truly intelligent species

And in the end I believe science will make a full circle in its quest to discover the complexities of this creation and all the analysis for those millions of years of scientific discoveries will in the end reveal that from that first burst of energy there has always been a true purpose to everything.

By living your life as a believer or as an agnostic will eventually lead every one of us to the divine truth of everything, this is the whole purpose of not only ourselves on this planet but all life on this planet and all life in the cosmos, wherever the conditions support it, life will always try to survive, grow and find knowledge. It has always been that way from the beginning and will be to the end of time.

Divine Retribution

March 20th, 2011

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The following shortened version is only a very basic outline of an ongoing project, has now been updated. I hope to continue to publish this blog and incorporate brief extracts from my project about life and the universe.   ref:rwhwd21062014

Blaming natural disasters on God or a Creator and calling it a Divine Retribution is actually a blatant effrontery to the very God you believe in. If you believe there is any kind of intelligence behind the creation of the universe, then surely you must realize a Creator or God that is able to create this magnificent universe from nothing must have an intelligence of unimaginable magnitude, so unquestionably advanced it would never consider such a primitive act of punishment on itself, I say itself because this is what I am trying to explain when I say God is within you and you are within God, the life force is within you from birth until death, therefore the question of retribution would be completely unnecessary and illogical. The whole concept has to be a man made fallacy, like so many passages from the bible, which have been added through mistaken interpretation to any real original truth that was there in the beginning. rewritten by us humans on this planet to conveniently take the responsibility away from us and make it a ruling of divinity, therefore unquestionable. The real truth is more likely to be that we do not want to face the reality of the actual situation, which is in fact, in our present infancy stage of development we are unable to find a solution against the forces of nature and therefore we are helpless to stop it happening. It is hard to admit it, but we are still children in the eyes of the universe. I cannot believe how we could have the audacity to even presume how Gods creative mind works and to make the idea even more ridiculous to actually think we can compare our primitive way of thinking with a mind that is so perfectly advanced it is in fact impossible for us to even comprehend.

A Meaningless Universe

March 11th, 2011

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The following shortened version is only a very basic outline of a larger ongoing project, has now been updated.  I will continue to use this blog with brief extracts from my project about life and the universe. 21/06/2014

No one will ever be able to prove the existence of a Creator or God, because a Creator or a God could not have a mortal existence in the same way as us, and since our scientific study can only investigate answers to what is visible and or in existence now, the proof of a Creator or God could never be found in a scientific study or calculation.

“I do not believe in God.” this is a statement made by many people at the time of these writings. If this statement is correct why do we all still look to the future, what is it that makes us want to cling to life and still bring new life into a hostile universe, why bother if it has no creative meaning or purpose? Because of one indisputable fact, we are in existence, by the very fact you are alive means God is within you no matter what your mind outwardly believes, an automatic process is working in every individual life form and it is gathering every facet of your one off, unique life as it unfolds from your birth to your death. Your  inner mind is continually gaining new knowledge of the creation, for the Creator. Although the universe was created, the creator of that universe needs to gain all the resulting knowledge from that initial creation, God has an ultimate purpose in itself, to gain knowledge on a scale we single humans could never imagine in a million years! But if we survive those million years we will be a step closer towards that ultimate understanding. To understand what is happening imagine God as the liquid water in a bucket, as it empties through a channelled sieve in the bottom of the bucket each droplet of water and the time it takes to pass through the sieve into the bucket beneath represents our individual life span, a tiny part of the whole volume that continually keeps repeating the process. God is within you and you are within God, this process will continue until the end of this space and time and beyond since God is eternal.

For all the values science is giving us, it is not really proof we need of a God but the hope, for without that we would eventually go mad.


March 7th, 2011

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The following shortened version is only a very basic outline of a more complex ongoing project, is in the process of updating, however I intend to continue publishing this blog as a means of showing extracts from my project about life and the universe.       added 10/06/2014

Are we an inadvertent accident, a fluke, alone in a meaningless universe? I think not. If we take a scientific look at the age of the universe, we get figures of 13.3 to 13.9 billion years (data from the best source available, 2009) this was the age when some of the first galaxies were formed, long before our own Milky Way galaxy came into being. I believe the recipe for life was already within the creation from the start and as those first galaxies formed and solar systems began to take shape with the birth of suns and planets, life lay dormant, awaiting the right circumstances that would trigger it into being. It is throughout those early solar systems that the first signs of a materialistic form emerged, Life itself is like the natural forces of the universe, gravity, light and time are good examples of this, because they to have no form, but they are there. The life force is the same, it also has no form, but it is there, the difference in this case is that it requires a biological structure as a type of vehicle to survive within reality, once it has established itself in a basic prokaryote cell safe within the cell form itself is the central nucleoid that contains the life force DNA. We know the story from there from the way our own evolutionary life form developed. Life itself is not visible, it is the immortal force that enters you at birth and is with you until your flesh and blood vehicle wears out. This process is a universal law, it happened just the same in those early galaxies and with the right conditions the first forms appeared and so began their million years journey of evolution, from a human to humanoid and beyond, they became some of the first highly intelligent beings in the universe, making them two hundred thousand years ahead of our present day apperance. they had a 9.4 billion year start not only on our planet but on our galaxy. Evolution on that scale had produced a life form that is no longer a civilisation of individual beings but a single thinking immortal embryo, the whole combined mass of one planets intelligence. This is unbelievable to us now at our present stage of development, but nevertheless very real. Proof of an appearance of one of these intelligent thinking embryo nucleus, actually appearing on our planet is still around, for us at that time it became the begining of a true belief in one God, and it showed us the pathway to the truth of our being. If one of these embryo nucleus were to materialise before us today it would in fact be the nearest manifestation of a Creator or God we could ever hope to see. Even to this present day we are still only children compared to the divinity of one of these embryo nucleus. We are now left to build our own destiny, search for our own set of keys to unlock the secrets of this reality, perhaps in times far distant future evolution will metamorphosis all the life on our planet earth into a embryo nucleus, but that is another story that lies billions of years in our future and that all depends on us surviving our infancy.


February 27th, 2011

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The following writings are a very basic outline of a more complex project that is ongoing, has been updated. I hope to continue to publish this blog and include brief extracts from my project about life and the universe.       added 21/06/2014

I believe the Creator or God is a non existant entity, this statement appears to say a Creator or God does not exist, but that is not true. What I am trying to explain is that through our long  journey of evolution our civilisation has not yet reached the degree of understanding were we can visualize anything else other than this reality, in saying that, I am not saying there is another reality or an outside and inside, all those notions exist because we are not yet attuned to the full complexity of the whole of this creation. This is why at this present time and most probably for thousands of years into the future we have no choice but to visualize God as a person in another place because our mind cannot comprehend what the actuality of the whole situation is. Nevertheless you can be sure, it exists.

For the same reasons many of the original meanings in the scriptures have been translated by us wrongly, this was because of the primitive understanding of our distant ancestors,they had even less understanding of the complexities of reality than we do now,even though science has moved us forward,and our mathematics have proved there appears to be a universal law govening all things, our knowledge has still only scratched the surface. A glaring example is from Genesis 1:26-27 Then God said “Let us make man in our image,after our likeness. So God created man in his own image,after his likeness. So God created man in his own image,in the image of God he created him,male and female he created them.” The truth of this original scipture is the life force is within all living things, and it is this life force that is in the image of God not the outward bodily appearance, our present form is an evolutionary process that will continue to change throughout time, and if you can imagine it, as complex as it is, a living body is the natural space suit that allows the life force to exist in reality, your life force is part of God,it cannot be seen but it is within you from birth until death.

All this would be superfluous without the unbelievable ammount of intelligence needed to formulate the creation of this dimension of time and space from nothing,and to ensure from the start it had the right mathematics and systematized elements and forces to metamorphosis continually throughout time and also within it to create through evolution, skeletal beings from certain conditions and elements to protect a part of  itself on planets wherever life was able to survive in an evolutionary progress of discovery which each being would eventually develop and add to the already vast knowledge that is God. We are all part of this wonderful voyage of discovery, your own unique individual life is as important as all the cumulative knowledge of a whole civilization. We have no choice it is the automatic natural process of life,embrace it in the knowledge you are contributing to something truely divine.


February 21st, 2011

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The following shortened version is only a basic outline of a larger ongoing project. has now been updated. I hope to continue to publish this blog and incorporate brief extracts from my project about life and the universe.  added 21/06/2014

It is impossible for God to exist ? An atheist would agree, a believer in God would disagree, but first allow me to explain what I mean by such a blasphemous remark. An explanation lies in the capability of our mind, and the fact our mind can only visualise what we know, and all we know is this notion of being alive, when we try to imagine anything it will always contain facets from this time/space dimension. Because of the limitation our mind has at this present stage of our evolution it is impossible for our mind to imagine anything beyond the space/time dimension, therefore even if our imagination was capable of producing a mental form that we do not recognise we would still not be able to visualize it because of this present evolutionary time we find ourselves. It is a dilemma really because as soon as it becomes recognisable  it will have a connection with this reality. This is why it is a fact that it is impossible for us to see the creator. This does not mean there is no creator, what it means is our mind is incapable of comprehending another form of existance other than the one we know, since reality is all we know. For us to make a visable Godhead figure that we can associate and make sense of, we have no choice at this present time but to relate it to something we know, and because our present way of thinking is still tribalistic in origin we make it into a leader, a chief, a royal personage, a holy figure placed as a Godhead of humanity. The actuality of it all is in fact the Godhead is there but it has no form.


February 17th, 2011

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The following shortened version is only a basic outline of a larger ongoing project. has now been updated. I hope to continue publishing this blog and incorporating brief extracts from my project about life and the universe.  added 21/06/2014

I feel a certain sorrow for any agnostic person because the very fact that we are conscious, alive, and a high majority of us, thankfully, can see the universe all around us, means we exist. We will live through our lives with moments that will bring tears of sadness and we will live through moments of wonderment and beauty that will evoke tears of humility, and those moments of humility will present us with a wonderful realization that there is something going on that is far greater than any of the segregated religious beliefs that our tribal ancestors have passed on to us, it is only when we take a serious look at reality, in this new uncluttered way that we suddenly realize  it matters little what any of us believe as human beings, because life is an automatic universal process that works anyway regardless to what your mind believes. It is within you and you are within it. We have no say in the matter, we must embrace the wonderfulness of our lives and realize there is a purpose far greater than we could ever imagine or realize.


September 13th, 2009

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The following shortened version is only a very basic outline of a larger ongoing project. has now been updated,  I hope to continue to publish this blog and incorporate brief extracts from my project about life and the universe.  added 21/06/2014

The earth has a limit to the amount of humans it can support, if we continue to breed as we are doing with no restrictions being placed on families then nature will create its own natural restrictions which we are already seeing in the form of famine, pandemics, unrest and conflicts as rich nations try to exploit third world countries for material gain.

Since our social structure is geared towards a continual economical growth, every year profits have to be better than the year before and companies will deliberately discourage any suggestions of population restrictions, since more people being born means more future customers that will insure their wealth growth and greed for money will continue regardless of anything else.

A few facts from Wikipedia makes interesting reading. The world population for 2009 is estimated at 6.784 billion with 134 million babies being born every year, which makes a staggering 220,980 babies born every day. Death rate is estimated at 57 million a year therefore because births outnumber deaths it is expected the world population to reach an earth shattering 9 billion by 2040.

Addendum 26 September 2009

To even mention that there is a population problem with our society immediately encourages people to quote statistics in an attempt to prove there is nothing to worry about. Government departments produce statistics to pacify the people. Industrialists produce statistics to predict profit growth,reduced birthrate for them is bad for business. Scientist produces statistics to prove a point.

But the stark facts will not go away, the natural order of things will have the last word.

Statistics will show the birth-rate is slowing down in the industrial nations but this is being dwarfed by the massive increase in the undeveloped nations, creating an even bigger problem since the world is now producing millions of lower educated beings that will drain the resources on the educated nations to support them. They then get help in health and food and produce even more humans into poverty and squalor. Multiplication is the simplest statistic to realize, as two people get married and produce more than two siblings to replace themselves the end results in a multiplication growth that will happen every twenty five years. So called statistics show undeveloped nation give birth to more than five children on average, therefore it is a simple calculation of multiplication and subtraction to work out what will happen in a period of just 100 years, a blink of the eye in cosmic time. The original couple starts the chain, 2×5=10 then on average every twenty-five years the 10 becomes 10×5=50 in fifty years 50×5=250 and in seventy five years 250×5=1,250 then on to the final one hundred years produces a staggering 1,250×5=6,250. The death rate from those 6,250 souls if they all survive would only be the couple that had married 100 years ago. Even if disease takes two hundred of them we still end with a staggering 6,048 living souls that as couples are going to produce a massive 604,800 beings.

Natural reproduction of our species is a built in process, and natural selection will decide the outcome. Sit back and watch.


September 4th, 2009

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The following paragraphs only give a very basic outline of a larger project. has now been updated, and I hope to continue to publish this blog and incorporate brief extracts from my project about life and the universe.   added 21/06/2014

quote “I would remind you that the Creator or God is invisable to this creation, but it exists as pure intelligence, nothing else, it has no form or size, those tangible things belong to the here and now, this dimension we find ourselves in.” unquote

related comments from Wikipedia/Time quote     “Among prominent philosophers, there are two distinct viewpoints on time. One view is that time is part of the fundamental structure of the universe,a dimension in which events occur in sequnce.Time travel, in this view, becomes a possibility as other times persist like frames in a film strip, spread out across the time line. Sir Isaac Newton subscribed to this realist view,and hence it is sometimes referred to as Newtonian time. The opposing view is that time does not refer to any kind of “container” that events and objects “move through”, nor to any entity that “flows”, but that it is instead part of a fundamental intellectual structure(together with space and number)within which humans sequence and compare events. This second view,in the tradition of Gottfried Leibniz and Immanuel Kant, holds that time is neither an event nor a thing, and thus is not itself measurable nor can it be travelled. ”  unquote

It is then possible for this idea to also apply to a Creator or God in that we could surmise that the Creator or God has no form or size, but is instead also a fundamental intellectual structure invisible to this dimension we find ourselves in.